Orange Models Review

Orange Models Review

Orange Models review

My name is Amy and this is my Orange Models review of how they helped me to become a model. Something most girls would kill for, including myself. I never actually thought in all that I would become a model. With the help of Orange Models I now have several modelling jobs and you can too.I found Orange Models online when I was searching for good modelling companies with a good reputation and there were a lot of good reviews for Orange Models. I decided that there was no harm in applying and that I had nothing to loose.

Needless to say I was surprised when I got a call from one of their representatives who gave me a phone assessment. They were very polite and clued up on the industry, they asked about my interests and background, why I wanted to model etc.

At the end of the call they told me I clearly had the passion to become a model and that this was essential as you have to work hard. They told me that I had a good look as it was relatable to the general public which helps advertising. The offered to send me to a photo studio for an assessment, I had pay a refundable deposit to make sure I turned up and off I went.

The people at the studio were amazing, my hair and makeup artist had just done a Harpers Bazaar shoot! She was lovely and truly talented she gave me some amazing tips for my styling my hair and doing my own makeup too. The photographer knew exactly what he was doing and really helped me with my poses. All in all the day was loads of fun, it was a great experience.

After the shoot was finished I had to come bac for my review. I was told that my look was very relatable which is key to the current market. They said more and more real people are becoming models instead of people with unobtainable beauty. They said that I would be perfect for commercial advertising. I was truly thrilled and so pleased that I went.

I got in touch with Orange Models about my review. I sent them the pictures that I bought from the studio for my portfolio and they recommended a bunch of agencies to apply to and told me how to find freelance modelling work.

Since I told Orange Models about my review I have been signed to three modelling agencies and have found countless freelance modelling jobs online. My portfolio has really grown with the photos from the shoots I’ve been doing and I could not be more grateful to Orange Models for all of their help.

I hope my review of Orange Models helps you and encourages you to follow your dream too.




  1. Michael Davies

    Huge thank you to Orange models!
    Went to them when my portfolio was very limited so I went to them looking to try and expand at least. However they exceeded my expectations and went way beyond what I thought. Not only did they help me expand my portfolio but did so with a brilliant team that made the shoot a lot of fun but they were also able to provide me with a few pointers to help me get to the place I want to be. If it weren’t for them I think I would still be a bit lost on where to go next.

  2. Jodie Silver

    had a great day out n got lots good of photos with funny people makin it all a really good time!

  3. Adam Ray

    Shoot today went fantastic! really showed off my hypertrophy I feel, will really help with my fitness modelling and finding freelance work!

  4. Aimee

    Thank you guys for the opportunity to pursue what i have only wished for for a long time!

  5. John Jermey

    cheers for working with me today, it may not have been ideal for you shooting without any informal shots but I just needed suit shots and you guys pulled it off for me and pulled everything together with some really nice edits aswell!

  6. John Cavagnah

    I’ve done a bit of modelling previously, however Orange Models are by far the most professional that I have had the pleasure of working with! Just to top it off for me however they were also very informative people providing me with some very helpful tips to help put me at ease

  7. Susan Smith

    Orange Models are fantastic! i went in with a pretty small portfolio not really expecting too much thinking it would take a long period of time to build it up to the size and diversity that it has now! Ontop of that they felt just how anxious that i was and they picked up on that and the staff went out of their way to help me to feel relaxed and comfortable only making the experience more enjoyable!

  8. Darcey Chris

    thank you for good photo. I very much enjoy!

  9. Abraham Paulis

    Just applied to a few agencies with my photos from you guys! now to wait and hope! 🙂

  10. Zach Adams

    The staff were pleasant and i very much enjoyed the experience

  11. Sam Thompson

    Highly recommend it, was really good fun and the staff were lovely to me only making the experience better

  12. Natalia K

    I am want to be model some point. Hope you people can help!

  13. Jamie Johnson

    I went in feeling real nervous as I really hadn’t done this type of thing much before however when I went in I was immediately greeted by huge smiles and welcoming faces. The staff went out of their way to try and make me as comfy as possible and to me that really meant a lot as I wouldn’t have been able to do it and then progress without the support that they had given me. Even something as small as offering to get me a glass of water really went a long way to making me feel chilled out and bringing me into my own to grow during the shoot as you get to know the staff chatting between shoots

  14. Heather Cole

    I was very excited to have this shoot, as it’ll hopefully start my modellig career off nicely…

  15. Josie Barrington

    The experience that they provided to me was better than any that i received previusly i feel! with the experience, the photos and the knowledge that i am taking away from it, i have a better chance than anyone else have given to me to chase after my dreams of modelling

  16. Alex Shobrook

    Through Orange Models and informing them of my review I have been blessed enough to be given the chance to model for a few freelance independent companies as well as an agency! I never thought I could come so far in such a short amount of time and I honestly be more excited! However I really couldn’t have done it without Orange Models so thank you guys so much! I do hope to see you soon!

  17. Anna

    Personally I think that the staff were a little bit full on as when I was sat down trying to get my make-up done, I felt a bit hastled as i fairly often had someone come over offering cups or tea or water but I just found the constant asking a little full-on however that is as bad as my experience got, once i had make-up done and got started with the shoot it was fine and a good time.

  18. Luke May

    Was a pretty good day out with fun staff! would happily do it again!

  19. Marcus P

    Thanks for the shoot today! i know it was a very vein shoot (pun intended) but im really trying to get into fitness modelling so for me it meant a lot!

  20. CJ Richards

    I did a shoot a little while back, however i am really not sure what to do next to try and progress myself into modelling! any help anyone?

    • Henry Canon

      I felt a bit like that not too long ago so I went back into Orange Models because i saw in previous comments that they were big help for them so I gave it a shot and to be fair now I have picked up a lot more independent work and am looking at an agency!
      Good Luck! 🙂

      • CJ

        Cheers man! Was a good shout! I’m on my way now so just to keep this momentum up eh!

  21. Jake Christie

    The whole modelling process was something that I have been interested in persuing for a long time now and just never felt like I could follow it through as I lacked both the self-confidence and the knowledge. However after recieving enough support from both family and friends, I came to Orange Models who found potential in me I couldn’t personally see and brought it out in me and it showed in my photos!
    After the shoot I decided to take a quick seat to ask a few questions and decide where to go from there if I did decide to follow it through. They sat me down and explained everything step by step and very clearly so it was easy to understand!
    I still am undecided as I’ve only been thinking about it for a week but I really don’t see myself working for this supermarket anymore very soon!
    So for this chance and everything you have provided for me, thank you very much Orange!!

  22. Jeanette King

    I took my little girl (she’s 11) into Orange because she really has a passion for it wanting to grow up and be just like those that she idolises so I took her in to see if they were able to help us at all. I walked in I feel with hope but not delusion, so we took a shoot and amazingly the staff took to her really well and after the shoot asked about any further options for us to which we were provided with incredibly positive answers and options!
    She is now building up her own portfolio and doing independent work in her own time outside of school! Couldn’t be more proud and Orange gave us both this opportunity to be this happy! Thank you!

  23. Sophia

    I am really glad that I am achieving what I want in my life has pieced together because of Orange Models!
    As strong as that statement sounds, I mean every word. I was asked by a local band to model for an album cover for them, I agreed but I went to get it done professionally as modelling is something I’ve wanted to pursue but always had obstacles in my path. So I did the shoot and allowed the guys to use one of my photos for their album, but the feedback received was mainly from other photographers asking about me!
    Following that I researched what was needed and saw loads of people on here giving advice to go to Orange again and ask about where next, so I did exactly that and it took off! I left my dead-end job and now after a lot of hard work, signed up with 2 agencies and constantly keeping myself busy where I can! Without Orange models, none of this would’ve been possible because unlike some other places people I have talked to, they go well above and beyond what is required of them!

  24. Beth

    Is this Company legitimate?

    • Oliver Fred Paterson

      I can assure you that they are!
      I have just recently posed for their cameras and it was actually a really good day out!

  25. Beth Williams

    I loved the entire time that I was with the team! they all have a fantastic, energetic feel about them! I was very impressed by the way that they made me feel like I was on a day out with friends but at the exact same time they held a certain manner of professionalism about them to produce fantastic results!

  26. Lucy Grayling

    Can’t even deny it, I went with my daughter to a shoot (she was getting the photos taken) and the process is so much nicer than I thought!
    The staff showed nothing but kindness to us and the photographer took a real shinning to my little girl, I always knew that the camera loved her!
    We then questioned what came next if we wanted to go further and possibly get my little girl into modelling. We were told in a way that I am still not sure if the process is simple or they explained it so well that it sounds very simple! Either way, they provided us brilliant services all day and have made my daughter and me so happy!

  27. Billie Ashcroft

    just booked myself in!
    Veyr excited!!

  28. Ollie Pidwell

    I enjoyed the shoot however I am 35 and had make-up put on me for the first time. It was really uncomfortable for me.

  29. Del Owen

    I don’t know if this sounds narcissistic or what but I am very happy with the results that I got handed after the shoot and hope to do great things with these especially as well as the others

  30. Maisy

    i absalutely luv the photos and time i was at the shoot!!!
    thank u orange so much!

  31. Martha

    Had a delightful day with Orange Model staff, setting very high standards in both customer service and product quality. I am highly impressed and felt very comforted by the staff and by how professional that all the staff were regardless of how old or young that they were, they all held the same level of manners and respect.

  32. Alice Owen

    your staff are very professional! had a very good day!

  33. Jack

    These guys were EXTREMELY helpful to me because I have done a lot of free lance work so when I was offered some agency work I was ecstatic at the thought however I didn’t understand the contract being offered to me so I went back down to Orange Models who sorted out some of my photos before. I asked about my contract and if I could get any help understanding it, they were happy to sit down with me, go through it with me elaborating on the different points in words I understood.
    End of the day, decided against it because it was a contract charging a portfolio as a condition which was a condition I couldn’t really afford as it was in early days of my career but I dodged a bullet thanks to these guys!

  34. Devin

    Fun staff, high quality photos, good day, can’t complain! I would happily recomend these guys to people!

  35. James Street

    Thanks guys for a really good day out! really like the photos you got, hopefully catch you soon

  36. Adam Brown

    Today was my first encounter with make-up (or at least seriously) so that was a new experience, once I got past that and realised how normal it was, it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience to be honest! The staff were pretty chill and nice so that was good

  37. Matthew Studdy

    I’ve always wanted to be a model. All I wish is that orange model will help me for my dream.

  38. JN

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Orange Models for all of the help and support that they have provided for me, both with my portfolio and also with helping me to understand what is required for me to find work. Didn’t realise I had to do so much legwork myself! Will be worth it soon though.

  39. Lauren Grey

    has anyone had any REALLY bad experiences with these guys?

    • Isaac

      I personally haven’t, they set me up for a couple jobs and were nothing but decent to me!
      I guess there are a couple people above who think that they’ve had a bit of a bad time but even still it doesn’t seem that bad!

  40. Marcus

    Decent staff that gave me a giggle! photographer chose some top places to shoot, would i recommend to a friend? yeah i would

  41. Harry Slater

    Thank u orange for the oportunity that u guys have given me!

  42. Shannon Davidson

    Dear Orange,
    Thank you very much for helping me to get over my initial anxiety about the whole photo shoot! It has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and had only just built up the courage to even turn up so when I actually arrived and got there I found it all a bit full on, however your staff handled me very well by sitting me down and just talking it all out with me. It is because of that that I’m now able to choose if I wish to pursue modelling or not which means a lot to me! In short I just want to send my gratitude to your staff for being so patient and understanding with me!

  43. Mai smith

    I took my son Jaime in a little while back as we don’t really have any good photos of him to send to family abroad. However during the shoot he was genuinely enjoying it which is weird because he has to say “cheese” to get him smiling in photos, but he got along with the staff like they were all old friends and ended up having a brilliant day! After we sat down and asked about what would be involved if we wanted to take it further for Jaime, they explained and now I can’t stop Jaime from running around ecstatic asking about when he can start his first job!

  44. Rose

    Fantastic location choices in comparison to others I have been to previously!
    Well done!

  45. Vicky Slater

    Thanks for helping me to build up my portfolio guys! Very helpful! 🙂

  46. Nazza

    where are you guys located at??

    • Cobie A

      they r central london i think!?

  47. Taylor Ritchie

    After shooting with Orange Models I’ve been able to land myself a load of freelance work recently just trying to give myself as much exposure as possible to increase my chances even more for agency and paid work!
    So thank you for the help Orange! You kinda outdid my previous portfolio by a mile!

  48. Freya Edmunds

    The staff were great and the editing on the photos was done brilliantly! All in all had a very productive and enjoyable day!

  49. Danny B

    Starting my dream of being a model with Orange Models! Lets get this going!

  50. Linda

    Hope to see everyone again soon after a great day!
    Learnt a lot and got a lot of good photos so thank you to all the brill’ staff that I worked with today!

  51. Rupert Evans

    really liked the photos today! they were really unique!
    thank you very much

  52. JJ

    Cheers guys for walking me through the modelling process earlier. Your time and patience with me are very much appreciated and I am very grateful!

  53. Lee Albano

    Thank you Orange for taking on and showing an older fellar like myself that us gentlemen can still rock it infront of a camera and pull cool poses!

  54. Harry

    to be fair i found you guys to be brilliant! really liked your sense of humor making the whole shoot process that much more enjoyabe

  55. Jade

    i cant find a bad photo that u people gave me! 🙂 also the after edits u people did was really good thank u! 🙂

  56. Emily

    I really liked your use of props during the shoot! was a really nice touch that separated those photos from the rest of my portfolio 🙂

  57. Kyle Brodie

    I found too many places want to shoot formal shots mainly but orange allowed me complete control of my own wardrobe and wanted to wear which means a lot! the only time that they told me what t wear was when I asked them what they thought I should put together and it turned out better than what I thought would work!

  58. Lewis Carr

    Came to you guys for my first shoot with a fairly open mind about what i will experience and it turned out to be much better than expected
    i was expecting to be photographed in some very fake poses and having to do a big ol’ cheesy grin for the camera, instead everything felt very natural! building a rapport with the make up artists and photographer was very easy and pictures were being taken without me even realising at times making photos very natural and real to me!

  59. AJ

    Thank you guys for a fantasti experience 🙂

  60. Stewart

    Hope to see you guys soon!
    The staff were so welcoming and nice that it just made the whole experience more than worth it.
    As well as the fact that what you produced of me was at a great standard!
    Was just a good day as a whole in general was had.

  61. Amelia Fay

    Thank you for going the extra mile in explaining how becoming a model works to me! your time and patience was greatly appreciated!

  62. Dan Barnes

    Had the most productive and informative day in a long time by just going to you guys.
    Hope to see you all again soon you beautiful people

  63. Jemma England

    I have been through a few different studios and have a fairly decent portfolio but since using Orange Models, the amount of freelance work I have been picking up has increased dramatically as their main focal point of interest seems to be the shots that you got of me and better still I have even been offered my first agency!!! Dead excited!
    Will definitely use Orange again if needed in the future

  64. Lucy Powell

    im v. happy with the photos and information that orange got of me and gave to me
    will take these close to me for a long time

  65. Josh

    I know that it isn’t exactly ideal but does anyone know how i can take the photos that these guys took of me to then take out to try and find work?

    • Joe Greep

      Yeah man, just simply go in and ask! they will sit you down, probably go through your photos with you and then explain how to put yourself out there because unfortunately there is only so much that they can do!
      If you want to be a model then you have to put in quite a lot of leg work to make it work for you but they are a very decent help for what they can do!

      • Josh

        cheers man!
        getting on that tomorrow 🙂

  66. Kiam D

    today was pretty chilled with good people, lush weather and decent weather
    cheers Orange 🙂

  67. Curtis Waring

    so keen for a new perspective in a shoot by going to Orange!

  68. Claire M

    Took my little girl into your studio earlier today and she was so shy and nervous about the whole deal as she was in a completely new situation, surrounding and around new people so she was a little bit like a hermit at first but once she picked up on how warm and welcoming you all were to her she came out of her shell quickly. Just like to say thank you for giving her an ace day out today, she will not stop going on about it now and an even bigger thank you to the make up artists for doing her make up to make her look “just like Elsa from Frozen!”

  69. Laurence Abbot

    Thannk you Orange for starting me off on my hopeful journey to becoming a model
    i have managed to already get myself some freelance work for a start up clothing company modelling their products online!

  70. Lukas Moore

    You guys gave me some excellent shots today! were light years ahead of the “art and photography” friends of mine that gave it an attempt! thanks!

  71. Duncan D

    Granted that when shooting outside I was in a hat almost all of the time because it was positively baltic outside, they still worked with what they had and it turned out to be a great shoot!

  72. Richy D

    not gunna lie, hair was really on it the day of the shoot! so thankful! results turned out exactly how i wanted!

  73. Paige D'Cruz

    Fantastic value for money especially considering what you produce and how much that you do!

  74. AA Adams

    I’ve done modelling a few times now but I don’t think that having make-up put on me and kept on for a few hours will ever feel comfy but they did a perfect job of hiding the spots that decided to come out on my face the night before to be fair

  75. Ameliaaa

    v. excited 4 my shoot soon
    friends n family encouragin me and all believe in me
    just have 2 believe in myself

  76. Hollie C

    Both me and my friend have had shoots through you guys and what made me feel fantastic was the fact that we are both have very different body shapes and you guys still managed to take what i thought were really nice photos of us both even though im of a much bigger build than her
    so thank you for giving me some self confidence infront of a camera

  77. Jessica Mills

    Went to Orange forgetting the night before that i was booked in for the next day to shoot and my roots were quite prominent so i was terrified and had no time to get a touch up!
    however after speaking to make up, the photographer and aftershot edittor it was amazing and like i had everything done that exact day!
    thank you so much for that complete sense of relief after worrying so much!

  78. Clayton

    cheers everyone for your time and efforts! i was told by a new start up that i couldnt model for them unless i had a bigger and stronger portfolio, and thanks to you guys ive got one good enough that ive completely skipped them and im now getting paid work for a fairly new company, but its still pay unlike the previous!

  79. Ami Robinson

    Got a great shoot in today! kinda wish one of my tops would just stay level instead of falling askew every now and then but hey, still got a load of brill shots in!

  80. Luca

    I came to you guys to try and start a portfolio because I needed to get out of my monotonous routine job and wanted to become a model and it was one of the best decisions I think I have made so far.
    Since then I’m now modelling for three different local surf shops including the one that I am now working at and I can’t remember the last time that i was this relaxed and happy getting free advertising for my modelling as well as a stress-free job and being able to get out and surf again!
    Thank you so much for allowing me this.

  81. Beau DS

    I really like your work however my favourite parts of your products are the imagination that goes into the props if used, the location (and poses that go with each) and finally your ability to use whatever lighting is at your disposal to your advantage!
    Kudos to your photographers!

  82. Jane AD

    My daughter was absolutely ecstatic to finally be able to emulate her role models in fashion and now she wont stop going on about starting her first “job” at 8 years old!

  83. Courtenay

    i thought dat modelin was only 4 the real skinny girls but i gave it a shot n u guys have shown me dat us bigger girls can do it 2!!
    thank u!

  84. Alicia Jordan

    Was a really lovely experience with some great people today! weather was ideal as well just to top it all off!

  85. Ellie Jenks

    going to give modelling a shot, so glad that i started it all off with orange though

  86. Onawa Holman

    great day out! couldnt relly ask for better weaather

  87. Calum

    I really liked the amount of freedom that you guys gave me with what I wanted to wear! It was exactly what I wanted, informal outside shots and formal inside, closed environment shots!
    Couldn’t really ask for much more than that!

  88. Sullivan Cannon

    Really enjoyed the staff’s sense of humour! didnt find having make up on too comfy but hey when you are going to eventually model for Calvin Klein you have to get used to it i guess! haha!

  89. Aaron D

    Very helpful group that provide some awesome photos! would highly recommend!

  90. JD Williams

    I’ve just booked myself in for the 7th of August! Can’t wait!

    • Ellie H

      You will have a great time i’m sure!
      Good luck

  91. Daisy Martins

    with such nice staff and great photos you take, im kind of upset that i havent heard of you sooner

  92. Georgia

    sooo keen for my next shoot with you guys
    was so enjoyable today with some lovely people!

  93. Gordon Stephenson

    Unfortunately the weather wasn’t exactly what I’d consider ideal for my shoot today however it weirdly worked for me making all my photos feel only what I can consider to be more “real” if that makes sense. Well it does to me and I think that they came out pretty cool!

  94. Ed Scott

    Just booked myself in, can’t wait to at least try at kick starting a modelling career for myself starting with you guys! Everyone has to start somewhere so I guess I only have you guys and myself to thank if you see me in a couple of years for Dolce & Gabbana billboards haha! 🙂

  95. Chloe Clayton

    Cant wait to start teen fashion modelling! lets get the ball rolling from here eh Orange!

  96. Gareth Cottell

    My two sons had an amazing day,thank you so much they felt very special and I’m glad they’ve done it ,so let’s see how they do in the future I guess!

  97. Kristina Louise

    Just like to say about my experience with Orange Models,

    I had an amazing time. The staff were outstanding, demonstrating very high levels of professionalism, helpful and polite at all times. what more can I say but thank you so much for your time and patience with me at the studio as I’ve been told by my husband that I can take a while to change
    The experience has increased both my confidence and portfolio strength
    now looking forward to becoming a model even more..
    Many Thanks to the Orange Modelling Team

  98. David Mitchell

    i saw a couple of girls on here saying that they are of a bigger build like myself but still find work and do it well
    so a little while back i decided to give a shoot with these guys a go and since i have found a surprising amount of freelance work looking for more “realistic” looking body shapes!
    all i can really say is give these guys a shot, let them point you in the right direction and then how far you go after that is solely up to you!

  99. Lilly R

    So nervous for my shoot! Just hope it goes well!

    • Jonathon Merron

      i was aswell when i arrived, however what became qucikly apparent to me was that if you are friendly and easy going with them, they will respond the same in return and then some 🙂 they are a great group of people

      • Lilly R

        thank you very much Jonathon, i tried keeping your words in mind but I see what you mean! it was very easy to get along with the staff there 🙂

    • I got what you mean. It is a amazing blog.

  100. Antonia Sanders

    Thoroughly enjoyed the very positive first steps I have taken with Orange towards hopefully a very prosperous future. The advice, support and feedback from Orange Models has given me the confidence to apply for this sort of work. many thanks to everyone involved. fingers crossed now…

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